“Julia Crown” short film

Julia Crown a new short film certainly has a theme and topic of interest that viewers love to see and explore. That the sex industry and also at the same time they get a real life look at the life of a high class call girl. Karen by day and “Julia Crown” by night to her clients and she as a high class hooker who swears she took the job because she loves sex so much! And believe me this short film is very provocative and blunt showing many of the make out scenes that really pushes the envelope even for top notch short films. Plenty of skin and sexy scenes are found with this short film while at the same time as the viewer you feel the emotions of Julia Crown as each scene is narrated and told from her point of view and thoughts. Overall interesting short film that’s engrossing making it a good call to watch.


Feature Role: Julia Crown/Karen

Feature Role: Charlie Manuel

To audition for this short film email headshot and resume to:


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